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4 simple tips for getting rid of pimples

Pimples are very common, especially in teenage years, but what is the best way to treat or get rid of pimples?

Remember that time you bought the latest pimple treatment, only to find that your skin got worse instead of better?

Or those weeks spent cleaning your face 5 to 6 times a day, only to find out later that you were actually washing too much?!


Here is some easy-to-follow advice that will set you on the path to smoother, clearer skin.


1. Pick the right cleanser


With so many different cleansers out there, it is very important to ensure that you get the right one. Some cleansers are very helpful in getting rid of pimples, while others can actually make your skin worse!

When oil is trapped in a blocked skin pore bacteria will start to break it down, causing the redness and irritation we know as pimples. The best cleansers will help to unblock your pores and kill the bacteria within, while ensuring your skin stays hydrated. Some soaps and cleansers will dry out your skin, causing your body to over-compensate by producing more oil. This can lead to more pimples appearing, which is why it is important to choose the right cleanser. Two examples of antibacterial cleansers that will hydrate the skin as well as get rid of pimples are pHisohex® and Benzac AC®.



2. Regularly moisturise


A common misconception is that drying your skin out will help to get rid of pimples more quickly. As mentioned above, this can actually cause more pimples to break out. While overwashing can sometimes lead to skin dryness, moisturising regularly can ensure that your body does not overproduce oil and cause more skin pores to block.

The most important property to look for when choosing a moisturiser to help to get rid of your pimples is that it is non-comodogenic. What this means is that the cream will not block your pores, while still ensuring that your skin is hydrated. Most moisturisers that are non-comodogenic will say so on their labels. QV and Cetaphil are two brands that have a good range of non-comodogenic skin products.


3. Avoid sun damage


Sunburn is one of the worst things you can do to skin that is prone to pimples. It will cause skin dryness, as well is increasing susceptibility to infection.

Zinc creams are best avoided if you have pimples, as they can cause your pores to block and more pimples to crop up. There are many sun creams, however, that are water-based and non-comodogenic. These creams will protect your skin from the sun, will keep it hydrated and will not block your pores or contribute to acne. Ask your pharmacist which sun cream is best for you.



4. Medications may help

If you are already following these tips and are not having success in getting rid of your pimples, then there are a range of prescription creams and tablets that can help. Speak to you local doctor or pharmacist to find out which medication might help you.


Skin does not change overnight. However, by regularly following this advice you can look forward to getting rid of your pimples and having smooth, clear skin for good!

For more advice on how to manage acne, speak to your local doctor or pharmacist.


Max Timmins

CHC Pharmacist



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